Lessons for Success

Posted by Gregory Damis - CNHS on Nov 26, 2018 in News

by Jacky Coyne Damis


Personal development is a lifelong commitment for those seeking lasting success. This means not just creating, but maintaining a positive outlook on life which includes surrounding ourselves with positivity; both through people and experience is essential. As Zig Ziglar, an author and salesman once said, “your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Our attitudes are constructed from and reflective of our effort; what we put into life, we will receive back.

In order to be successful, it is incredibly important to keep our minds sharp and constantly up to date. This means browsing newspapers and journals, listening to podcasts, and reading published works by substantial and esteemed business figures. It is also important to find people that can serve as mentors not only to cultivate continuing inspiration and knowledge, but to provide advice. Many times, mentors can provide wisdom from their personal lives, which is invaluable, considering wisdom stems from experience, and knowledge stems from education. Cultivating knowledge into something that is tactile can be difficult and allowing for personal gain to become a success is even harder.


Here are five tips that can keep motivations high, dreams reasonably obtainable, and uncertainty low: put in the work, make up your mind, redfine wealth, get on the same page, and live by your values.


Putting in work seems like an obvious piece of advice when discussing how to be successful. Unfortunately, many people in today’s world find it too grueling, resulting in a sense of entitlement. People want success handed to them, without putting in the work, and that can be a defeating mindset. Having a consistent work ethic will result in advantage over competitors. Putting in work is not only a physical task, but a mental one as well, which is where make up your mind comes into play. One of the most preventative qualities one can possess is indecisiveness. Indecision, whether it applies to personal wants, or needs, life aspirations, or business accomplishments, can lead to the feeling of being stuck. It is crucial not just to determine, but to define what our personal goals and happiness look like. Consistent upward movement leads to continuous and realistic uphill accomplishment.

Many people believe that our circumstances define who we are, and how much can be achieved in life, and while greater access to elite education is helpful, it is not the only aspect that will make a person successful. Redefining wealth is not only a helpful tool to determine what is important, but can also help us to achieve success through our values. If there is a greater goal in mind, then we need to parallel our financial savings with our values and have the both grow side by side. Not only is it imperative for our assets and dreams to have a growing, working relationship, but for our personal relationships to work as well. Therefore, getting on the same page helps build success. If we can set intentional goals with ourselves and our partners, the only direction we can move in is forward. Being on the same page and sharing an understanding for perspective will keep any relationship strong and every business move effective.

Living by your values is an essential component in being successful. If we uphold clear values, then our day-to-day and long-term decisions become easier to make, not just in defining and practicing our personal values, but in being consistent with them. Those who live in happiness, live with absolved stress and unwanted challenges, and can take on bigger challenges with ease. Living by your values helps in achieving what is important. Those who can set out on direct paths, can conquer anything, ultimately leading them to be the most well-rounded, knowledgeable, and successful business people.